17:01:03 <unknown_lamer> #startmeeting 
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17:01:13 <unknown_lamer> #topic attendance
17:01:30 <bkhl> #info bkhl
17:01:31 <keverets> #info keverets
17:01:32 <unknown_lamer> if attending and you are an hcoop member, please write "#info $hcoop-username"
17:01:35 <unknown_lamer> #info clinton
17:01:42 <octorhood> #info hanno
17:02:13 <keverets> layline: ?
17:03:18 <unknown_lamer> just waiting for layline to confirm he's here and then we can move on
17:04:36 <layline> #info layline
17:04:41 <keverets> whew, thanks :)
17:04:45 <unknown_lamer> alright
17:04:54 <unknown_lamer> Did anyone want to add anything to the agenda before we proceed?
17:05:08 <bkhl> Just an FYI that I'm on shaky internet
17:05:23 <bkhl> If it seems I should respond but don't, give me a minute to reconnect.
17:05:31 <unknown_lamer> ok
17:05:37 <unknown_lamer> assuming the agenda is ok...
17:05:43 <unknown_lamer> #topic electing new president
17:05:57 <keverets> #info description of duties: https://wiki.hcoop.net/BoardMemberDuties
17:06:27 <unknown_lamer> Since pronovic suddenly quit, we need a new board president. anyone wanna volunteer? if not, I can take that on but just for the remainder of this term (but don't expect much more from me other than making sure we have meetings)
17:06:47 <keverets> I'm happy to take it on as well, assuming that's a possibility
17:07:13 <keverets> are there restrictions around board members having multiple duties?
17:08:04 <keverets> any other board members interested in taking the president role? It looks fairly light (treasurer seems to be the heaviest role, so doesn't seem fair to double load that one, even if it's possible)
17:08:26 <unknown_lamer> just can't be treasurer and secretary
17:08:41 <keverets> ok, good
17:08:44 <bkhl> Because those sometimes both have to sign stuff I guess?
17:09:08 <unknown_lamer> secretary is supposed to make sure the treasurer isn't doing untoward things
17:09:10 <keverets> as secretary I'm supposed to double-check the treasurer. That's something I've been remiss in doing
17:09:19 <unknown_lamer> so just can't have the person checking the treasurer also be the treasurer
17:09:26 <bkhl> I see.
17:09:44 <unknown_lamer> well, if you're up for it keverets...
17:09:50 <unknown_lamer> #info nominate keverets for board president
17:09:56 <keverets> bkhl: no interest in herding some cats into meetings?
17:09:57 <bkhl> #info second
17:10:28 <bkhl> keverets, no, I have quite a lot of paperwork of my own at the moment with moving countries, so not volunteering for anything additional atm.
17:10:39 <keverets> that's fair
17:11:15 <octorhood> are we to second the nomination now?
17:11:35 <octorhood> sorry if this should be obvious, it is the first board meeting I am attending.. :)
17:11:41 <unknown_lamer> bkhl seconded, so we can vote now
17:11:50 <unknown_lamer> #info vote: appoint keverets as board president
17:11:52 <unknown_lamer> #info +1
17:12:03 <bkhl> #info +1
17:12:11 <octorhood> #info +1
17:12:24 <keverets> #info +1
17:12:39 <unknown_lamer> #info agreed: keverets is elected board president
17:13:24 <unknown_lamer> alright with that dealt with ... I could do a quick financial update (nothing exciting) if everyone wanted, otherwise that was the entire agenda
17:13:46 <octorhood> I'd be up for that
17:14:01 <keverets> sure, I'm interested in any updates
17:14:51 <unknown_lamer> ok
17:14:54 <unknown_lamer> #topic financial status
17:15:02 <unknown_lamer> #info active balances $3642.81
17:15:45 <unknown_lamer> #info wells fargo balance  $7,429.43
17:16:12 <unknown_lamer> #info paypal balance $152.19
17:16:32 <unknown_lamer> #info portal says the co-op balance is $3708.52
17:17:22 <unknown_lamer> #info actual coop balance (funds on hand - member balances) is 3938.81
17:18:00 <keverets> how do those numbers correlate?
17:18:02 <unknown_lamer> #info current monthly dues are $525.00
17:18:14 <unknown_lamer> they should be the same but we have something missing in the past
17:18:41 <keverets> "funds on hand" being 7429.43 + 152.19 ?
17:18:44 <unknown_lamer> yeah
17:19:02 <unknown_lamer> portal also doesn't have DO/Linode bill for this month but that would just make it a bit more off
17:19:21 <unknown_lamer> that should equal the portal's "co-op balance", but is a bit over
17:19:37 <keverets> 7429.43+152.19-3708.52 = 3873.10 ?
17:20:31 <unknown_lamer> (- (+ 7429.43 152.19) 3642.81)
17:20:53 <unknown_lamer> co-op balance is supposed to funds_on_hand - member_balances
17:21:17 <unknown_lamer> so we have more money than in theory we're supposed to, but otherwise everything lines up
17:21:20 <keverets> ah, "active balances" not "co-op balance"
17:21:25 <bkhl> And the discrepancy with the portal is due to the issues with the portal code that you mentioned last time?
17:21:34 <unknown_lamer> the issue is missing records or something
17:21:46 <unknown_lamer> I inputted all the expenses we had but apparently we have an extra expense in there
17:22:13 <unknown_lamer> hard to say since we had a multi year period where expenses weren't properly inputted, maybe I duplicated something when fixing things
17:22:19 <bkhl> Do you think it would be worthwhile to do a reconciliation at the next book year end to get them in sync?
17:22:28 <unknown_lamer> something that can be deal with later, but I think having more on hand than we should is better than having less
17:23:14 <unknown_lamer> If we can't find whatever was entered twice in the books and it's legal for us to just enter a reconciling transaction that seems reasonable to me at this point, then we'll be in sync with reality going forward
17:24:07 <layline> I agree with bkhl. At the end of fiscal year (December 31?) we should reconcile the difference, make an adjustment so that both tallys balance. Should this be put to the board as a motion?
17:25:36 <unknown_lamer> I would wait untilt he next meeting, I am not sure we're allowed to do that
17:25:44 <unknown_lamer> we'll have one more meeting before the end of the year
17:26:26 <keverets> sounds good
17:26:38 <unknown_lamer> alright was that it then?
17:27:27 <layline> Will the treasurer be able to take on 1) a second pass through the books looking for an error and 2) a determination of the proper method to reconcile the difference? Or, are additional recources needed?
17:28:03 <unknown_lamer> I am not sure really
17:28:14 <bkhl> Where I've ever been a treasurer (Sweden), the rule is actually generally that you _have_ to reconcile and start each account on 0 each year.
17:28:23 <unknown_lamer> I have a feeling the issue is because we didn't zero balances for members who were delinquent very early in the books
17:28:30 <unknown_lamer> I can see if that adds up the discrepancy
17:28:47 <bkhl> But I can't speak for the rules in the US.
17:28:53 <unknown_lamer> unfortunately we got into a bad position when on treasurer just disappeared and even payments weren't entered for over a year
17:29:21 <unknown_lamer> if we want to look up the regulations and see what we need to do by the end of the year we can do that on the list I guess, I need to run soon
17:29:42 <keverets> yes, can handle outside of this meeting
17:30:06 <layline> I'll ask a CPA (my brother) about the US convention GAP and let the board know what he says.
17:30:18 <keverets> layline: great, thanks!
17:30:44 <keverets> any last thoughts, or are we good to end the meeting?
17:31:06 <bkhl> Nothing more from me.
17:31:08 <unknown_lamer> that was it from me
17:31:19 <octorhood> nothing here
17:31:31 <layline> I'm ok with adjournment
17:31:44 <unknown_lamer> alright
17:31:46 <unknown_lamer> #endmeeting