The Internet Hosting Cooperative

We are an Internet hosting service and community, run democratically as a USA 501(c)(12) non-profit corporation. HCoop members pool their resources to support most any services that qualify as "Internet hosting." Using custom tools written in SML we offer the benefits of a shared hosting environment with nearly the same flexibility a VPS would offer. Thanks to our cooperative structure, costs are low ($7 US/month) and funds are put toward expanding the resources available to each member.

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We're fans of Free Software and release all of our custom software under Free licenses.
We are cooperatively organized and not-for-profit, adhering to the Seven Principles.

Joining HCoop

Joining HCoop is easy. There's no monthly commitment required. The current cost is US$7/month and payments are accepted via Paypal. Simply fill out the online application (a separate application is required for persons under the age of 18) and await approval by our Board of Directors (usually within two days).

More Information About Joining

Planet HCoop

Some of our members have weblogs, check out Planet HCoop to learn more and get to know members of our community.