Who We Are

HCoop is an Internet hosting service which operates in the form of a non-profit (c)(12) democratic cooperative. Each member has an equal vote in the workings of the organization and election of Board of Directors. Many members choose to join HCoop because it provides them with more freedom, transparency, and options than other hosting services.

HCoop members range from individuals who have never hosted or managed a website before (but want to learn) to experienced GNU/Linux programmers and system administrators. HCoop strives to support all levels of technical expertise. Our members are located across four continents in 17 different countries. Although our servers are located in Jamaica, New York, USA, and the non-profit is registered in Pennsylvania, USA, due to the modern conveniences of the Internet, members can participate fully from anywhere where there is an Internet connection.

Our system administrators and other active members operate as volunteers for the betterment of the cooperative. Active participation in the cooperative is not required, however we encourage all members to vote in the Board of Directors elections which occur once a year and read any announcements that come from our admins via e-mail (very, very seldom).

 Directory of Sites Hosted by HCoop

Website Description Member
BrianTRice.com My Personal Site btr
Calefaction wiki My ADD-riddled wiki. nevetski
Chat-M-Room on Cape Cod Chat room for Town of Chatham, MA hallgren
Idea Device My startup page aaditya
Indian Association in Sapporo Community website. yagnesh
Luke Chao Bio, gallery, writings, etc. luke
Mike is a Lazy Bastard Yes. clinton
Morpheus Clinic Hypnosis and hypnotherapy in downtown Toronto luke
My website website for aaditya sood aaditya
Noufal Ibrahim's personal website Personal page nkv
Pursuing Calefaction My writing blog. nevetski
Rhymes with nonsense Cat pictures, journal, etc. sajith
River Valley Builders' Collective A residential construction worker-cooperative. rvbc
robos.org My childhood in code robert
Saju's vanity corner My personal site srp
Shree's Adventures My personal website - currently, just my last adventure shree
Srikanth Sastry's Personal Website Personal/professional website sastry
The Death of the Mind A journal about Lisp, Cats, and 3D Printers clinton
The Fellowship of Hobbyist Programmers A group for people who like programming (not very active now) adamc
unknown_lamer's home My website. It contains stuff. clinton
Whence Boring personal page paintcan
Yagnesh's personal site. personal site/blog yagnesh

Joining HCoop

Joining HCoop is easy. There's no monthly commitment required. The current cost is US$7/month and payments are accepted via Paypal. Simply fill out the online application (a separate application is required for persons under the age of 18) and await approval by our Board of Directors (usually within two days).

More Information About Joining

Planet HCoop

Some of our members have weblogs, check out Planet HCoop to learn more and get to know members of our community.